Insurance Licenses For Cover Me Away™

Where We're Licensed

All solicitations to apply for insurance and applications for insurance are made through Cover Me Away™ via Sa El, CEO and principal broker, who holds insurance broker and agency licenses as described below. This website is not a solicitation to sell insurance in any jurisdiction in which we are not licensed.

  • Arizona - License # 1014607
  • Florida - License # P223276
  • Georgia - License # 839895
  • Maine  - License # PRN200889
  • Michigan  - License # 10933684
  • North Carolina  - License # 10933684

Long-Term Care Insurance Certified

Starting in 2007, Long Term Care insurance training became a requirement for anyone who sells, solicits, or negotiates a long-term care policy. This requirement was outlined in the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 and reinforced by the 2006 NAIC Model Act.

This training is unique from typical insurance training in that the insurance carriers are the ones responsible for ensuring producers are compliant prior to selling or soliciting LTC insurance products. The certification is also required for most life insurance and annuity products that have LTC benefits.

Our Agents have been Certified In Long Term Care Insurance. 

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