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How Is Cover Me Away™ Different From Other Online Insurance Agencies & Websites?

Here's something you might not be aware of: a significant number of insurance websites actually function as lead generators. Which means they essentially, collect your information, like when you request a quote, and then sell that data to multiple insurance agents.

Once those agents have your information, you can probably imagine how persistent they can be when it comes to trying to make a sale. But here's the thing: we're different. We don't operate that way. If you're looking for a simple and fast insurance application process, you can obtain an instant quote and get coverage at your own pace.

In fact, the constant barrage of phone calls from insurance agents has become overwhelming for everyone. That's why we've gone a step further and created a detailed article that explains how you can get insurance quotes without having to deal with any phone calls from agents. We understand the need for a hassle-free experience.

And here's the thing:

If you need any help, we will work with you personally to make sure you are satisfied.

Also, many insurance websites fail to offer a satisfactory user experience. They make it difficult for you to obtain a quote and purchase coverage without dealing with complex and lengthy forms, multiple conversations with agents that can leave you more confused, and those frustrating 75-day waiting periods for approval.

But guess what? We're not like those other sites. Our goal is to provide you with exactly what you're looking for, ensuring that you have peace of mind knowing your family is protected, so you can quickly get back to your daily activities. Getting coverage from us is so effortless that you'll wonder why others find purchasing insurance to be such a daunting task.

How Do We Make Money? 

As an insurance agency, we earn our income through commissions or advertising fees paid by insurance companies for each application submission or sale. These commissions and fees are already included in the price of an insurance policy, so you don't have to worry about paying anything extra for using our service or the service of any other agent, agency, or broker.

Here's another advantage of choosing our agency: we exclusively collaborate with carriers offering simplified issue products. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that we won't push you towards a specific option. Instead, our focus is on providing you with the simplest and fastest insurance buying experience possible.

Remember, if you ever want to know the commission we earn on any of our insurance products, just let us know. We're more than happy to provide you with that information.

Are We Licensed? 

Yes—all insurance agents, agencies, and brokers are required by law to be licensed in each state they do business. You can find our licenses here.

Are We Affiliated With Any Insurance Companies? 

No—we’re an independent agency.

That means we can offer insurance products from several different companies.

There are also what’s called “captive” agents, who only offer products from their specific insurance company (like New York Life, Northwestern Mutual or State Farm).

Can We Get You A Cheaper Price For Insurance? 

No—and neither can anyone else. Insurance rate tables and premiums are filed with and regulated by your state's department of insurance. That means you pay the same price for a given insurance company’s product, wherever you buy it from.

For example, a term life insurance policy from Company X will cost the same for you if you buy it from us or another agent, agency, or broker.

How Do We Choose Which Insurance Companies To Work With? 

First, we only consider insurance companies that are reputable and have sound financial ratings. After that, we select based on the ease of doing business with them. That means, we work with companies that:

  • Will work through an independent broker 
  • Are you comfortable with our online-based model of engaging with customers?
  • Make it easy for us to provide a great shopping experience to our customers (e.g., by providing access to real-time quoting, accepting electronic applications, etc.)

Who Can I Speak To If I Have Questions? 

A licensed Cover Me Away™ agent is available to help with your questions. Email us at [email protected]

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